Details of Rich Money System

1. Members will receive rewards from the level 1-7 by the member's code / level that it is equal to or more than that.

2. Members will receive rewards from other members under the organization who upgrade to the Lv2, such as A. at the Lv3  will receive 330 RC / code on the 3rd level that it already upgrade.

3. One structure will be broken to 2 and can also go down continue to the bottom and it can receive all reward just being under an organization according to the system when it completes level 8 that the system will automatically apply for a new one under your membership and you have to find other 2 member codes to work and run for new one.

4. When your code in the first time is full 7 levels, the system will continue to do the other code automatically unlimited.

5. You must have 2 codes with you in order to be able to withdraw money [ 2 codes with you must be people who really work ]  Use your referral iink. 

6. When each level complete, you must upgrade your code in the next Lv. then you can withdraw money.

7. After you applied, you must find other 2 members (code) within 2 weeks, if it is over than 2 weeks [ 14 days ] you will get 50% of income [ in the level 1-7 ].

8. It is calculation for income, the system will use RC = Rich Coins in the calculation.