You should consider before applying for the Rich Money system

1. You must have a real email address which can send and read the messages.

2. One email can only be used for 1 code.

3. After you finished applying and one message will be automatically a message from the system send to your email to confirm your own.

4. Do not hurry to apply because you need to consider if it has an error, you cannot use automatically.

5. Before you apply for Rich Coins, you must have first an account of Rich Coins.

6. After we have a Rich Coins then you can apply for Rich Money through your introducer link.

7. After you completed your application of the Rich Money the system will ask for your Rich Coins user/password and if you do not have it, you won't be able to apply for Rich Money.

8. The money transfer and withdrawal income money cannot withdraw at Rich Money because you have to transfer or withdraw only at the Rich coins.